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Harassment and Bullying

"..behaviour that makes someone feel intimidated or offended.."

Harassment is unlawful under the Equality Act 2010

harassment bullying

Harassment and bullying both involve behaviour which harms, intimidates, threatens, victimises, offends, degrades, humiliates or undermines dignity at work.

Harassment tends to focus on gender, race, ethnic background, colour, religion or belief, sexual orientation or disability. Harassment may be a single incident or a series of incidents. Bullying is repeated inappropriate behaviour, direct or indirect and by one or more persons which undermines an individuals right to dignity.

Some actual examples of behaviour that is bullying or harassment:

  • Offensive material that is displayed publicly
  • Verbal abuse or comments that belittle people
  • Unwelcome and hurtful jokes
  • Direct or subtle threats
  • Offensive gestures
  • Ignoring, isolating or segregating a person
  • Staring or leering in a sexual way
  • Unwanted physical contact of a sexual nature
  • Aggressive physical behaviour
  • Repeated behaviour which a person has previously objected to

It is important that organisations demonstrate their intolerance of harassment and bullying in the workplace, and this should be embodied the the Company policy on harassment and bullying.

Free Policy and Document Downloads

1. Prevention of Harassment and Bullying at Work
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2. Harassment and Bullying Policy
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The Trade Union Perspective
Information produced by UNISON for it's representatives in how to approach workplace bullying - has some very useful resources and downloads

Bullying and Harassment at Work
Advice Conciliation and Arbitration Service information including  a guide for managers and employers on bullying and harassment at work.

UK Government Website
Practical advice on dealing with bullying and harassment in the workplace