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Free Employee Policy Templates for Small Businesses

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Updated for 2024


"..ensure that all new employees have the benefit of a
properly structured induction programme.."


The purpose an induction policy is to ensure that all employees have the benefit of a properly structured induction programme that will help them to integrate into their role in the organisation quickly and effectively.

Through the induction policy / checklist process, employees should have all of their necessary initial orientation, safety, training and information needs addressed.

Free Induction Policy and Document Downloads

1. Induction Policy
Standard induction policy which you can download and adapt for your organisation. It includes a detailed induction checklist.

2. Alternative Induction Policy
Alternative standard induction policy / checklist.

3. Comprehensive Induction Programme Checklist
Generic checklist which can be adapted to your organisations induction programme

4. Induction Evaluation Questionnaire
Simple questionnaire to allow you to evaluate induction either straight after or some months later.

Health & Safety Induction
Leaflet produced by the Health & Safety Executive emphasising the importance of effective Health & Safety induction

Useful Links
Induction training guide and some free induction resources