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Health and Safety

This is a legal requirement..

Health and Safety - Risk Assessment

Managing health and safety is little different from managing any other aspect of your business. You need to do a risk assessment to find out about the risks in your workplace, put sensible measures in place to control them, and make sure they stay controlled.

Your Health and safety policy should clearly set out how you manage health and safety in your workplace by defining who does what; and when and how they do it.

Health and Safety Policy and Document Downloads

1. Generic Health and Safety Policy
A comprehensive policy which can be downloaded and fully adapted for your organisation.

 2. Serious Viral Epidemic or Pandemic Policy Template
A simple template to help organisations implement a Serious Viral Epidemic or Pandemic Policy to support and protect their staff.

3. Health and Safety Audit Questionnaire
This template is designed to allow a full health and safety departmental audit to be carried out.

4. Health and Safety Departmental Guidelines
This template allows local departmental health and safety guidelines to be developed.

5. Working from Home Risk Assessment Checklist
If an employee is required to work from home, then you still have a responsibility for their health and safety. This self-assessment checklist allows you to assess whether the employee has a suitable home environment.

Preparing a health and safety policy document
This HSE guidance contains a very useful outline health and safety policy statement, which you can complete and use as a way of complying with the law.

Useful Links

Health and Safety Business Resources
From the UK Health and Safety Executive. There is also a template policy statement HERE which can be used by a small business.

Managing Health and Safety
UK Government Website on Health and Safety.