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Appraisal of Performance

Implement a Performance Review System to Help Your Employees to Perform Better

Appraisal Policy

Carrying out effective appraisal of your employees allows a variety of benefits:

  • Provides structured opportunity for staff at different levels to discuss work, their relationship and how they support each other
  • Provide a forum for individual feedback on work performance
  • Provides a formal channel through which development needs are identified
  • Clarifies what is expected of an individual and how this relates to the Company objectives
  • Improves teamwork through shared objectives
  • Allows face to face discussion on a one-to-one basis
  • Helps to plan ahead together
  • Chance to explain to staff about developments affecting the department / team
  • Opportunity to thank staff for a job well done
  • Can have a frank exchange of views
  • Can counsel and advise your staff
  • Staff can present their views and ideas
  • Opportunity for you to influence attitudes and behaviours

Free Performance Management Appraisal Programme Documents for Download

1. Appraisal Workshop - This a full 37 page Appraisal Workshop with all the material needed to implement an appraisal system for your organisation. It includes a variety of exercises to assist this. It also has a handout for Appraisees to assist them to understand and participate in the process.

2. Simple Performance Appraisal Policy - Appraisal Policy for a simple implementation. However it covers all the elements of effective appraisal.

3. Appraisal Documentation Template
Generic Pro-forma including a personal development plan which can be used for any appraisal implementation

4. Appraisal and You
Form to help the appraisee prepare for their appraisal meeting

5. Appraisers Checklist
Checklist for the manager / supervisor undertaking an appraisal. This will ensure that no part of the process is missed

6. Response Style Indicator
Test which allows appraisers to assess their response style - can be used as part of appraisal training.

Useful Links
Business oriented site with a great deal of information on performance appraisal as well as a whole number of assessment tools - all for free

Advice, Conciliation and Arbitration Service
Useful templates, forms and checklists featuring a number of different appraisal forms

Advice, Conciliation and Arbitration Service
ACAS booklet intended to assist anyone involved in the employee appraisal / performance management process.