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Workforce Planning

..planning process which ensures you always have the optimum number of workers, with the right up-to-date knowledge and skills in place when needed..

Workforce Planning

Workforce Planning is a planning process which ensures that a business always has the optimum number of workers, with the right up-to-date knowledge and skills in place when required.  The main aims of workforce planning are:

  • To ensure key business plans are not undermined by failure to retain or recruit key staff.
  • To anticipate the problems of potential excesses or deficits in employee numbers and plan to minimise the impact of this on business effectiveness.
  • To "horizon scan" and thereby anticipate changes in the business environment e.g. new competitors, changes to legislation etc. which might impact on workforce requirements.
  • To constantly monitor business plans and ensure the linked workforce plans are continually reviewed and updated.
  • To ensure the business takes pro-active actions to ensure it always has the workforce it needs.

Effective Workforce Planning requires a sound framework to ensure it is properly incorporated into the business and robustly project managed. Human Resource Solutions has developed a Workforce Planning Model which provides clear stages, direction and worksheets to guide organisations through the process. This has now been made available for free. It can be downloaded below.

Free Downloads and Workforce Planning Links

Workforce Planning Model
This has been developed while working with a number of small and medium sized organisations. It is simple to use and ensures managers are fully engaged in the process through the use of worksheets to gather information and facilitate good project management.

Local Government Workforce Planning Model

Local Government Employers Organisation has produced an introduction to workforce planning guide to help councils through their workforce planning process. Some useful templates are included.