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Equality Policy

"..every organisation should have an equality policy.."

Equality and Human Rights Commission

Equality Diversity

The Equality and Human Rights Commission have stated:
"that every organisation should have an equality policy to ensure equal opportunity, and share it with staff and (as appropriate) with customers, clients or service users and others who may be interested in it, such as organisations considering contracting with them".

Different sizes of organisations will want to think about what works for them. A large organisation with many different sites and layers of management at each site will need and equality / equal opportunities policy more complex than an employer with five staff at a single site."

The Equality Act 2010 which became law in 2010 has added significant impetus for all organisations to have a clear equal opportunity statement as well as an Equality Policy in relation to equal opportunities and diversity in the workplace.

Free Equality Policy and Document Downloads

1. Equality Policy
This is fully compliant with current equality legislation which can be downloaded and adapted for your organisation.

2. Equality Monitoring Form
A generic equality monitoring form which is fully Equality Act 2010 compliant.

Mandatory Gender Pay Gap Reporting
From 2017, any organisation that has 250 or more employees must publish and report specific figures about their gender pay gap. Advice on what is required from ACAS.

Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service
Advice and guidance on all the key points of the Equality Act 2010 (the current UK legislation) from making 'reasonable adjustments' for a disabled employee to taking positive action to help under-represented employee groups.

Government Equalities Office
The UK Government Equalities Office leads work on policy relating to women, sexual orientation and transgender equality. They are responsible for a range of equalities legislation

UK Government Website
Helpful information on preventing discrimination and valuing diversity in the workplace