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Managing Employee Absence

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sickness absence

Most organisations are increasingly recognising the significant costs associated with high levels of employee absence. At the same time, managers are often unsure about the nature of the problems they may be facing, or about how employee absence can be most effectively managed. The information and links on this page are designed to help your business manage both short and long-term sickness absence in a legal, supportive and effective way.

Managing Employee Absence - Free Policy Downloads

1. Controlling Absence Policy

Policy for controlling absence, clearly outlining the stages involved, a procedures checklist, a template sickness self-certificate and 'Return to Work' form.

2. Absence Management Policy

Alternative Absence Management policy - also makes reference to suggested 'trigger' points which trigger management actions.

Getting the most out of the fit note: guidance for employers and line managers
There is no longer a requirement for GPs to sign a fit note personally as evidence of an employee’s sickness absence. A new set of regulations (from April 2022) allows fit notes to be issued digitally. This is a link to the UK Government updated guidance for employers and managers. If your employee needs to complete a self certificate there is a Government online facility for this here

Useful Links

Managing Staff Absence
A step-by-step guide on managing staff absence from ACAS

Health & Safety Executive
Good advice on all aspects of managing sickness absence

Employers Guide to SSP - UK.Gov
Employers guide to managing Statutory Sick Pay from the UK Government website