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Updated for 2024


Human Resource Solutions Document Management System you always have the most up to date templates


Document Management System

So that you can be sure that any policy you download from Human Resource Solutions is up-to-date we maintain a Document Management System. Under this system we review and update all our Policy Templates, Contracts and Handbooks on an annual basis. Also as we implement any new documents they will be added into and maintained through the Document Management System.


  • All documents are in the latest MS Word format
  • Documents will auto-populate the user-input Company name throughout the document
  • Each document is reviewed at least annually or earlier if the relevant UK legislation changes
  • Each document has a paragraph numbering system to make tracking changes easier
  • When a change is made this will be described using the paragraph number so users can easily amend policies which they might already have customised
  • When changes are made all users who have subscribed to our FREE UPDATE SERVICE will receive an email detailing the changes

Capability Procedure

Live Policy: HRS_capability_policy_v1
Date of Last Review: April 2024
Date of Next Review: April 2025
Changes from version 1.0: No significant change - Performance Improvement Plan template added